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I have lived some while in some places. With plenty of life ahead of me (hopefully), I’ll start writing about the ideas I have or pass through life.
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De-schooling society is an interesting book in by Ivan Illich (1971) in which provides a strong critique on the institutionalization of education in schools. In a nutshell, there is a continuous contradiction with the concept of universal education and the promotion of universal school systems. As the education process is continuously appropriated in education institutions, it excludes those that cannot be involved in these institutions. There It can be asked, “isn’t this what should be done? What the education system is made for?”, however, current trends such as the rise of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) and learning platforms (i.e…

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The comet orchid and hawk-moth relationship is used as a clear example of co-evolution in a natural environment. It is also a clear example of the high degree of specialization that can be achieved in an Complex Adaptive System(CAS). A CAS is a system where a multitude of agents interact and continuously adapt to their system, what is more popularly known as biological evolution from Charles Darwin theory. Our society is also a clear example of an even more complex CAS, as humans tend to adapt faster to our environment than other biological beings to theirs.

The “comet” orchid has…

Time is all that have us.

What is life but the sequence of events that make us want to live another one. The events that can’t be optimized or repeated. The events that will make us feel that the law of time is broken.

One second is not one second anymore.

One hour becomes fifteen minutes. Because, god knows time can’t feel like it expands when you’re enjoying it. That we value everything by its ephemerality. Would it be still a wonderful hour if it felt like it lasted an hour? No. and yes, we’re that dumb.

Everything we do…

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The importance of access of quality education is incredibly important in our society. It is the main driver of opportunities and, hopefully, it provides everyone (or most of the people) with the tools to contribute in our capitalist society.

In our economic system, education has become the main creator of one of the most important economic goods of our economy. Intangibles such as creativity, knowledge, and other that allow us to create and apply novel ideas in our environments. The widespread of education hasn’t been better. Our education system has been iterated continuously, even unconsciously, throughout different stages of our…

Cities have changed the natural landscape, but they have also brought us unprecedented quality of life.

This is a response to an article published in the website Global Comment titled “Why climate change is an irrelevance, economic growth is a myth and sustainability is forty years too late” by Kevin Casey.

First, the Kevin Casey’s reading is a ride of many topics into a concise and frustrated view of the problem of climate change. It’s not meant as a critique to him or his view, but to amplify the discussion about the many topics that are touched in the article.

In a summary, Kevin Casey states that the problem is not climate change. The problem is…

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I don’t need to emphasize or explain the sustainability challenges that we’re facing. It’s really hitting through almost all possible angles. Climate change has been is almost inevitable (sorry but we’re really bad at trying to keep the increment of temperature below 2 degrees Celsius), plastic pollution is hitting the poorest places in the world and affecting the ocean ecosystems (which one of them produces around 80% of the worlds oxygen), and we can’t stop wanting to produce more stuff and exploiting our natural resources! We, as a human race, are addicted to consumption.

I don’t come here with a…

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